Private Parties, No INVITE

Fall/ Spring 2019

Yo! We've been frustrated with the art community, so we did this collection. We are tired of being an outsider, and dealing with fake, frivolous relationships. We decided to dig within and expand on our own talents. It made all the difference. As Galka Scheyer said to her artist, "May your work be loved." Enjoy!


Fall/ Spring 2018

Vincent Van Gogh once said "I dream my painting, and I paint my dream." This collection is our attempt to pay homage to surrealist artists that were brave enough to live out their dreams in the face of society unapologetically. We wanted to discuss the inner battle an individual faces when making that decision, to live a dream rather than to dream it. As a collective, we are facing our dreams, are you?

The boy's interlude

Summer 2017

Our second collection is an intimate gift from our collective members. The ideology behind this collection is to “Stay Alive” throughout the journey of rebirth. The “Stay Alive” phrase embodies that you must live in order to be free and free to express your goals and affirmation despite adversity because if you're not reaching your dreams are you truly living?

The Prequel

Spring 2017

Our first collection “The Prequel” is the introduction to our story. The inspiration for this collection stemmed from each member of the collective’s recent desire to break away from the ordinary life mantra forced upon them and walk an open path of creativity. A rebirth!


The collection features a lot of symbolism dealing with this process, using skeletons, dyes, and floral designs as the framework for how one is recreated. The goal was to provide our audience a collection that embraces the start of this journey as well as show our capabilities and versatility as a new upcoming brand within the fashion and art industry.